Embrace Solutions Utilizing Technology & Natural Resources

Businesses often lead the way with innovative solutions for the challenges community’s face. Embracing the opportunities afforded through Industry 4.0 will allow Iowa to thrive in a new era of change. Iowa remains rich with natural resources that provide us a significant global competitive edge. According to a recent report by the American Clean Power […]

Close the Opportunity Gap & End Barriers to Employment

Iowa’s workforce challenges remain a top concern for our member businesses in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. With unemployment uncertainties and low population growth, we have an opportunity to address the core issues facing workforce and adjust policies to meet future demands, including addressing mental health issues within the workplace. Iowa must look for […]

Promote & Incentivize Business Growth

Businesses from all industries have been impacted by COVID-19 and continue to need long term support to recover. Small businesses contribute significantly to local economies and identities, and innovative solutions and resources are needed to support their ongoing recovery. Tax structures must lead to economic growth and job creation, further simplification, predictability, and promote fairness […]

Enhance Community Attraction Efforts

By creating desirable and robust communities with a great “quality of place”, Iowa can establish itself as a great place to live and work. Available housing stock, modern and accessible airports, robust broadband connections, community placemaking projects, and recreational opportunities are vital to Iowa’s workforce attraction and retention strategy. Likewise, providing businesses and communities with […]

Regain Status as a Leader in Education and Invest in the Future Workforce

A strong education system that aligns with the needs of the business community is critical to meeting our region’s workforce needs. Iowa must support innovative education initiatives and programs that develop the skills needed to succeed in the workplace. We must also expand employer involvement in the development of workforce programs that align with PK-12, […]

Welcome Workers From All Populations

Our members agree, they need more workers. As Iowa’s population continues to stagnate, we need to remove every barrier to work for those already here and develop new strategies to attract workers to the state. We must ensure skilled, qualified workers continue to have the ability to live and work in the United States to […]