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All In Vision

Better Together 2030 is the region’s first strategic vision.

Together with our public and private partners and the entire community, we worked together to weather the challenges and opportunities that the global pandemic brought. We built upon the trust that was created through our collective action to launch the region’s first strategic vision and plan – the All In Vision.

The Better Together 2030 All In Vision allows our community and economic development partners to convene and combine their development strategies into a cohesive vision for a shared future.

This vision brings together our public and private partners to achieve impacts in improvements in our natural environment, land use, parks, neighborhoods, utilities, inclusive economic development, and other public assets and services. In the next few years, we propose the advancement of strategic investment districts through this work that will help integrate the All In Vision priorities for Better Together 2030 . This work will partner with emerging or growing neighborhoods to create good jobs, mixed-income housing, utilities, parks, transportation, and other public assets.

Greater Iowa City, Inc. leads the Better Together 2030 work in three of those key pillars. Your investment helps to create the community where people want to be, businesses want to locate, and the entire region can thrive.


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Cady Gerlach

Senior Director of Community Development & Executive Director of Better Together 2030

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