Investor Spotlight: The Gym – Iowa River Landing

Posted January 12, 2024
The gym in Coralville Iowa

Contact name: Bri Netty, Manager – Social Media & Marketing
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Contact address: 211 E Ninth Street, Unit 130, Coralville


The team at The Gym – Iowa River Landing in Coralville believes that the path to reaching one’s goals starts with an actionable plan. The Gym’s expert coaches help individuals by talking with them to determine together which training program – such as personal training, nutrition coaching, online fitness training, or semi-private fitness training – will best suit their lifestyle and goals. Sustainable results are the team’s specialty.


The Gym was started in 2010 in Cedar Falls by Armand and Sarah McCormick. There are multiple different programs that have been offered over time such as CrossFit Kilo, XL Sports Acceleration, Fusion, small group training, personal training, at-home programming, and nutrition guidance. The team has also been fortunate enough to build an incredible staff who genuinely wants to expand their knowledge and experience around the state of Iowa. Within the last few years, The Gym has been able to provide more people the opportunity to work on their health by opening up 24-hour access facilities in the Cedar Valley and now in the Iowa River Landing / Coralville area.


Some people may associate The Gym with CrossFit, and they’re not wrong! As the business has grown, the team has come to realize that fitness is everchanging; fitness should be something individuals can enjoy and incorporate into their daily routines. What works for one person may not look the same for someone else, and that is okay. The main goal is to help individuals establish lifetime habits that are realistic for their lifestyles. The team wants people to be functional humans for as long as possible.


The 24-hour access workout facility provides an environment where individuals can reach their goals. No matter what one’s work schedule may be, they can still come in and better themselves. The team believes that achieving goals should not be limited because of a facility’s closing time. Fitness doesn’t have to be complicated.


Anyone can start a fitness routine, see a few small results and quit. What the team loves to do is help individuals establish lifetime habits that are realistic for their lifestyles and allow them to be functional humans for as long as possible. Does the team love working with athletes and kids? Absolutely! But what the team gets the most inspiration from is watching everyday people work to better themselves for their families by developing healthy, consistent habits. The goal is to create a great environment for that to easily become a reality for them. The staff at The Gym will meet individuals wherever they are on their fitness journey. At The Gym – Iowa River Landing, the team specializes in building healthier, happier people.

  • Step 1: Get started with the gym membership option of your choice and gain immediate access.
  • Step 2: Choose one’s own training time with 24-hour access to fit their schedule.
  • Step 3: Start training, follow the program, and get results.


The Gym is new to the area! The leadership team is based in Cedar Falls but is excited to expand into this new community. It never hurts to make new connections and build partnerships!


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