Embrace Solutions Utilizing Technology & Natural Resources

Posted December 13, 2021

Businesses often lead the way with innovative solutions for the challenges community’s face. Embracing the opportunities afforded through Industry 4.0 will allow Iowa to thrive in a new era of change. Iowa remains rich with natural resources that provide us a significant global competitive edge.

According to a recent report by the American Clean Power Association, our use of renewable energy sources is the highest in the nation. Smart sustainability practices are also key to business attraction as companies looking to relocate are increasingly looking to find 100% renewable energy sources to power their businesses and attract a younger workforce.  We must also leverage new funding sources to develop strategies and incentives that prepare workers for the future and allow businesses to grow and thrive while also preparing for disasters.

Policy Solutions Federal Policy State Policy
Support funding and the expansion of Manufacturing 4.0 to support Iowa manufacturing industry’s preparation for future growth and the future workforce.*
Support policies that leverage technology and innovation for educational instruction and testing to encourage further growth of the EdTech industry.
Support investments and research in automation, smart technologies, and cyber security to modernize the nation’s digital infrastructure.
Open avenues for exports and international investment making it easier for Iowa small business owners, entrepreneurs, manufacturers and farmers to sell their products abroad.
Support polices that allow the next generation of farmers and business within the agriculture supply chain to responsibly invest in Iowa’s natural resources, including the policies put forth by the Governor’s Carbon Sequestration Task Force.
Support policies that are inclusive to all populations to live and work in Iowa, allowing businesses to attract a diverse workforce and cities to compete to host national events.
Support policies, rules and regulations that encourage the production of renewable and alternative energy resources such as ethanol, nuclear, solar and wind that are environmentally responsible and keep energy costs down.
Support common ground climate policies that that are efficient, sustainable, reliable, flexible, predictable and keep Iowa globally competitive.
Support funding sources and flexible policies to address necessary water infrastructure improvements allowing for affordable rates and the capacity for growth.
Support government’s previous commitment to programs and projects to improve flood mitigation efforts, including flood control projects and full funding of the Iowa Flood Center.

(* Featured Priority)

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