Seven tips to be better people in business

Posted September 21, 2018

September 21, 2018 at 1:50 PM
David Aaker is well-known for his expertise in marketing and his ability to help businesses thrive and exceed their goals. His branding concepts, including identifying customer’s interests and creating a community or story around those interests has made him an icon in the business world. In a constantly evolving marketplace, David Aaker’s work can teach us to develop strong leadership in the workplace.

Business owners of all sizes rely on Mr. Aaker’s expertise and training to improve their marketing, but he doesn’t stop there. David Aaker recommends training the entire workplace, from sales people to accountants, to obtain top results.

Seven Tips to Be Better People in Business

  • Make a good, solid, first impression on customers. This refers to attitude and appearance of the people who work at the company as well as the space and products or services.
  • Customers are in your store or business because they choose to be. They are interested in what you have to sell and your products. Once they are there, part of the sale is over, now you need to perform up to your promises and their expectations.
  • Provide quality customer service. Companies like L.L. Bean got their start because they righted problems with their products, even though it cost them to do so. You need a good reputation in business. Customer service makes or breaks that reputation.
  • Focus on ethics when providing service or products others. David Aaker believes this focus should be given more credit for the impact it has on customers.
  • Management and owners need to appreciate the people on the company’s payroll and the value they add to the business. Most businesses aren’t able to operate as a solo enterprise and need to rely on employees, many of whom are the public face of the company.
  • An inspiring thought from David Aaker is to consider what the impact would be if everyone had an opportunity, every day, to build a customer for life. To be honest, in most business settings, you do have this opportunity. Treat customers accordingly and foster relationships with them. It is easier to retain a current customer than to find a new one.
  • Consistency is crucial for a solid business, whether you sell clothing, food, or service. Customers should be able to count and rely on the word and quality of your company and the products you deliver. Consistency in maintaining contact is also important in retaining customers to ensure they know they are valued.

David Aaker helps companies and their employees improve their leadership skills. The Chamber provides resources to help your company reach its full potential within our community. Stop in or call to learn more about our workshops and meetings.