This news post will give details on registering to vote before the June 7th Primary Elections.  

Are you registered to vote? Election season is quickly approaching and you must be registered to vote in order for your votes to count. This election season will kick off on June 7th for the Primary Election. There are many different ways to get yourself registered to vote.  

Online registration 

Registering to vote online requires a valid Iowa driver’s license or a non-operator ID. Registering online can be done through the Iowa DOT’s website. After completing the online registration through the Iowa DOT, you will receive your voter registration card from the County Auditor within two weeks. Registering online can be a fast and convenient way to start voting.  

Register by mail 

To register by mail, you need to print and fill out a State of Iowa Official Voter Registration Form. You must fill this form out with an ink pen and have it signed in the original ink before mailing it to the County Auditor’s Office. The mailing address for the Johnson County Auditor’s Office is at the end of this post.  

If you can’t print a form, call the Johnson County Auditor’s Office at 319-356-6004 and they will mail one to you.  

Register in-person 

As always, you can go to the Johnson County Auditor’s Office during their usual business hours of 7:45 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday to get registered to vote. The registration forms are available at the door and can be dropped off in the drop box. If you have any questions about registering or want help filling out the form, the staff at the Auditor’s Office is always there to help. 

Register on Election Day 

The last option is to register yourself to vote on Election Day. In order to register on Election Day, you must be at the correct polling place for your current address. You can find your polling place by clicking here. To register in-person on Election Day you must have a valid I.D. and proof of address.  

Get registered and happy voting!  

The pre-registration deadline is 15 days before the election. This is for registering online, by mail, or in-person. This deadline is not in effect for registering on Election Day. If you are unsure if you are registered to vote you can check your registration status.  

All information can be found on the Johnson County Auditor’s website or the State of Iowa Secretary of State’s website, both given below. The Johnson County Auditor’s mailing address is also given below.  

In order for your voice to be heard you must be registered to vote!  


Johnson County Auditor’s Office 

913 S. Dubuque St, Suite 101 

Iowa City, IA 52240