New Member Monday: Dylan Jacobson’s Comics & Illustrations

Posted April 13, 2020

April 13, 2020 at 9:15 AM
Open: by appointment


Services: Dylan offers original comics, comic art, and writing. You can hire him for custom portraits, logos, character design, branding, and writing.

Like a lot of kids born in the 80’s Dylan grew up glued to books, TV, and video-games. However, unlike the stereotypes, this grew into a fascination with design, writing, and storytelling. After years of exploring film and animation, he focused his skills on the craft of comics and character art as the means to convey these stories. He has been working as a comic artist since 2014, and has become a teaching roster artist for both South Dakota and Nebraska. He aims to tell compelling stories with great visuals.

Dylan is inspired by great stories! Not only in media, but especially in the people and businesses around me.

Dylan’s business is unique because he is always shifting gears and learning new visual techniques. His mission is to tell the truth of a subject with imagery, regardless of how fantastic.

Learn more about Dylan’s fantastic work by visiting his website and like him on Facebook.