Inclusive Economic Development Plan

Posted April 8, 2022

Astig Planning is developing an Inclusive Economic Development Plan in Johnson County, Iowa and needs input from the community! In partnership with the Iowa City Area Business Partnership, and the Iowa City Area Development Group, the plan includes gathering feedback from the community over the next few months.

The plan will highlight the opportunities and barriers experienced by Underestimated Community Members when starting and/or running a business. Underestimated Community Members are people who have been historically underrepresented and under-resourced within communities, and may include Black, Latine, Indigenous, Asian-American, immigrant, LGBTQ+, women, youth, formerly incarcerated or returning citizens, people with disabilities or others.

​Members of these communities are invited to take a survey, be part of a focus group, share their story in a one-on-one interview, participate in a Strategic Doing session or visit the project website to learn more or share their story anonymously. 

To get more deeply involved in the planning process, community members are invited to connect with the team by phone at (319) 855-9949.


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