Resources from Voc. Rehab. for Johnson County Employers

Posted September 30, 2022
Iowa Voc Rehab

Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services (Voc. Rehab.) is a state program that works with individuals who face barriers with employment. Voc. Rehab. prepares, trains, and educates these individuals to be productive team members. Voc. Rehab. also partners with businesses to prepare the workplace for and place these qualified candidates. Check out their no-cost business services listed below to consider partnering with Voc. Rehab.


Voc. Rehab. can help fill your open positions through the following resources.

  • They are connected to a broad network of job candidates across Iowa, including: their offices, partnering organizations, and high schools where they teach transition services and employability skills.
  • Their candidates are prepared to work through their vetting process and training.


  • Voc. Rehab. follows along with all their candidates for at least three months after hire to ensure they are a good fit.
  • They also help you receive tax incentives, such as the WOTC that allows an employer to be reimbursed up to 40% of the first $6,000.00 in first year wages (25% for part-time).

Disability Sensitivity Training

  • Voc. Rehab. offers your team free interactive training that provides understanding of various disabilities, common accommodations, and resources (45-60 minutes).

ADA Accessibility Consult

  • Voc. Rehab. staff complete an ADA accessibility consult for your entire facility or a specified space.
  • You will receive a copy. In the event that an issue arises, you can prove that your space has been reviewed by a state agency.
  • This consult can also identify potential changes to make your business more accessible for individuals.

Job Analysis

  • Voc. Rehab. will assist you to create or refine job descriptions, including details such as skills utilized (i.e. how much twisting, bending, typing, etc.)
  • This analysis can also identify potential accommodations to increase production.

Voc Rehab - Kari Santos

IVRS would like to partner and find the right employee to assist your business. Please reach out if you would like more information, and with any questions.

Kari Santos, M.A., CTRS
Rehabilitation Assistant at Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Office: 319-354-4766 | Cell: 319-331-9521