Workforce Solutions – Employing Refugees in Iowa

Posted July 5, 2022
Hiring refugees in Iowa

IowaWORKS and the Refugee Alliance of Central Iowa (RACI) collaborated to bring us an informational series on employing refugees. Their 3-part webinar series offers insight for Iowa employers to invest in themselves and the refugee population. The webinars occurred in June 2022 and are now available to watch online. View the valuable information below!


Part 1: The First 90 Days

An immersion of what the first 90 days looks like for new and incoming refugees.



Part 2: Refugee Friendly

Learn how employers and communities around Iowa embraced their new workforce needs and cultures to fill gaps in employment.

This webinar includes a panel of Iowa employers who answer the following questions.

QUESTION 1: How have you modified your application and interview process for refugees or foreign-born Iowans?

QUESTION 2: Have you made allowances for employees to attend English-Language-Learning classes? If so, what were the results?

QUESTION 3: What cultural differences did you experience working with refugee populations?

QUESTION 4: Was coordinating transportation and childcare a difficulty you faced when employing refugees? If so, how were you able to assist your employees during this transition?

QUESTION 5: Did you provide training for immediate supervisors who would be overseeing and onboarding refugee employees?

Questions from attendees:
Are there grant opportunities that assist with paying for a translator or language classes?
How do you make accommodations for cultural and religious differences?
What services are available to provide rides or transportation for refugee employees?


Part 3: Long-Term Success

What hiring from refugee populations looks like in the long term.