2024 Public Policy Priorities

The Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance and Greater Iowa City, Inc. annually recommend and support positions on key policy issues affecting our region and state’s economic growth.

Chamber of Commerce and economic development public policy priorities

These positions and recommendations are made with significant input from our combined 2,000 members, investors, partners, and community stakeholders.


Now more than ever, our economic growth relies on our ability to compete for, attract, and retain a skilled workforce. For businesses to thrive in this economic environment, we must remove barriers to work by developing innovative solutions in immigration, child care, affordable housing, community placemaking, and talent attraction and development.


A strong urban and rural connection, in which we rely on one another, contributes to mutually beneficial growth in Iowa’s population and economic environment. We support policies that equally value the unique strengths and needs of both.


Finally, we all win when policymakers find common ground to agree upon long-term solutions to the challenges faced by our region, state, and nation. We expect our elected officials to argue their perspective passionately, civilly, and respectfully. It is time to focus on solutions that will grow Iowa and our region, help all of us prepare for a promising future, and maintain trust in America’s political system.