Investor Spotlight: The Wellness Way – Coralville

Posted March 7, 2024
Holistic health clinic in coralville iowa

Contact name: Dr. David Gray & Dr. Tyler Kruse, Co-owners
Contact email:
Contact address: 708 5th Street. Ste 4, Coralville, IA 52241



The Wellness Way is a network of Health Restoration Clinics that think and act differently to solve the health challenges others can’t. New to the Iowa City area is The Wellness Way – Coralville. The clinic’s philosophy is founded on the idea that the human body was not designed for illness, and when properly cared for, can restore its innate ability to heal. The clinic provides individuals with the essential guidance to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles through a combination of testing, individual plans, and one-on-one guidance to restore the body to total wellness.


At The Wellness Way, individuals are seen as unique stories. Unlike traditional healthcare methods, the clinic aims to understand individuals’ health journeys and their goals for the future. As your health restoration partner, the clinic truly wants to know where individuals have been and where they want to go. The first visit will provide individuals with the comfort and confidence of discovering a new way of thinking driven by clinicians who disagree that they have to live with restrictive health diagnoses.


Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, the clinic utilizes the most in-depth testing and cutting-edge diagnostic tools to uncover the hidden sources of health challenges. In fact, the clinic constantly researches new testing methods to provide individuals with the clearest picture into their health available today. This is how the clinic finds the missing pieces to health restoration; the pieces that traditional healthcare isn’t looking for, and therefore will never find.


Once individuals’ results are in, the clinic goes beyond the limitations of traditional healthcare once again to deliver an explanation as to why their bodies aren’t functioning properly and present them with the necessary steps to restore their innate ability to heal. The clinic works with individuals to provide the most comprehensible and detailed analysis of their bodies possible so that they can better understand their unique needs for support. This is called individuals’ Health Restoration Plan.


Following the steps of individuals’ Health Restoration Plan means partnering with the clinic’s highly trained clinicians and staff to transform lives and health. From hands-on chiropractic care to personalized nutrition programs, unique detoxification methods, and more, the passionate and unapologetic team at the clinic understands that each individual is different. The clinic empowers individuals with a unique plan of action to truly address the underlying causes of health challenges.


The Wellness Way – Coralville invested in Greater Iowa City, Inc. because they wanted an opportunity to network with other businesses in the area and to bring awareness to their local business and services.


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