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Posted November 29, 2023
Invested in the greater Iowa City community

Contact name: Tory Meiborg, Managing Director at Savant Wealth Management
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Address: 2225 Mormon Trek Boulevard Suite 200 Iowa City, IA 52246greater Iowa City wealth management company

For more than 30 years, Savant Wealth Management has provided counsel to individuals, families, and businesses. A fee-only, independent RIA firm, it offers investment management, financial planning, retirement planning, and family office services to financially established individuals and institutions. It also offers corporate accounting, tax preparation, payroll, and consulting through its affiliate, Savant Tax & Consulting. As of June 30, 2023, Savant held approximately $20.4 billion in assets under management and assets under advisement. Savant Wealth Management offers comprehensive wealth management services. Its team includes an in-house private trust department and seasoned taxation, accounting, and estate planning specialists, helping coordinate these complexities all in one place. Other services include investment management, financial planning, estate planning and wealth transfer, tax advisory and preparation, retirement planning, trust services, accounting and consulting, family officer services, and company retirement plan services.


Groundwork for Savant began many years ago with the founding of its predecessor, Savant Planning Group, Ltd., in 1986 in the heart of Rockford, IL. Savant Co-founder and CEO Brent Brodeski joined shortly thereafter, and the firm expanded beyond financial planning into wealth management. The independent registered investment advisor movement was in its infancy at the time. In a closed, club-like industry where one needed connections or paid high fees to access basic financial advice, Savant Wealth Management was a fresh alternative that put investors and their best interests first. They acted on the premise that investors deserve truly independent financial planning advice, unbiased by conflicts of interest. In October of 2022, Savant Wealth Management acquired Cedar Rapids-based firms, World Trend Financial (a key wealth management player in the area) and Terry Lockridge & Dunn (a tax, accounting, payroll, and business valuation/consultation firm). The partnerships were part of Savant’s strategic growth initiatives and expanded Savant’s robust Midwest presence into Iowa.


“As they considered how to best serve their clients in the future, they were attracted to Savant’s breadth of services, including tax planning, as well as its commitment to developing a world-class client experience,” said Tory Meiborg, Managing Director at Savant Wealth Management “They shared that forward-thinking mindset and believed their clients would benefit from working with a team of specialists under one roof.”


One of Savant’s major differentiators is its deep bench of in-house estate, tax, accounting, financial, and investment professionals. It offers clients a one-stop-shop for financial planning. Savant is also distinguished by its independence and its employee ownership. They believe that all financial advice should be made in their clients’ best interests, and their employee ownership enables them to provide long-term continuity in their client relationships. In addition, ownership in their firm helps Savant attract and retain top talent in the industry, as well as outside investors who can provide capital and expertise to support their growth. Savant’s capital structure is also unique in that their firm can never be forced to sell itself or buy out outside investors. They believe that the level of independence frees them to make sound decisions on behalf of their firm and their clients without the pressure of obligation.


“Working with clients is the best part of every day. I enjoy meeting people, getting to know their families, and learning about what they like to do. I grew up in a family full of teachers and coaches. In a way, financial planning allows me to help coach clients through many stages of life – carrying on my own family’s legacy of helping others.” – Tory Meiborg, Managing Director at Savant Wealth Management


Savant Wealth Management is delighted to join Greater Iowa City, Inc. as a testament to their dedication to the local business community. They believe in the power of collaboration, and their investment reflects a commitment to fostering meaningful relationships, engaging with the local community, and contributing to the growth and prosperity of Iowa City. By aligning with Greater IC, Savant Wealth Management looks forward to sharing financial expertise, building lasting connections, and participating in initiatives that empower the region’s economic vitality. Together, those invested in Greater IC can make a positive impact and support the thriving businesses and individuals in Iowa City.


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