Investor Spotlight: Myliu Marketing

Posted December 6, 2023
Marketing agency in greater Iowa City area

Contact name: Lexi Gillian, Owner
Contact email: lexi@myliumarketing.comMarketing services in the Iowa City area

Myliu Marketing operates as a boutique brand and website design agency, providing turn-key social media management services for busy entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking to enhance their online presence.


In 2017, founder Lexi Gillian relocated from Iowa to Alabama and assumed the role of Marketing Coordinator for a Real Estate team. A burgeoning passion for graphic design and digital strategy emerged during this period. Following the pandemic, Lexi and her husband returned to Iowa, where she established Myliu (pronounced My•Loo). The entrepreneurial journey has been immensely rewarding, and she relishes the daily activities associated with her business. The name “Tave Myliu,” meaning ‘I love you’ in Lithuanian, was chosen as a tribute to her paternal heritage, originating from Lithuania. Lexi finds the name fitting for a business deeply devoted to their clients.


“We’re not your typical digital marketing agency – think of us as your business’s online hype squad, working our tech-savvy magic to give your brand the spotlight it truly deserves!” -Lexi Gillian, Owner


In April of the past year, the founder and her husband welcomed their daughter into the world. Her growing family serves as a significant source of motivation, inspiring Lexi to pursue her dreams and impart the same philosophy to her daughter. Another source of motivation stems from the gratification derived from being a part of her clients’ remarkable journeys. The founder takes joy in visually narrating their stories and transforming their ideas into reality.


Myliu Marketing looks forward to establishing connections with fellow local business owners and contributing to the support and growth of the greater Iowa City community.


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