New Member Spotlight – Heritage Area Agency on Aging

Posted August 24, 2022
Aging & Disability Resource Center

Executive Director: Barbara Werning
Location: 6301 Kirkwood Blvd SW Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Aging & Disability Resource Center


Heritage opened its doors to Eastern Iowa’s seniors in 1971, a few years after passage of the Older Americans Act. The OAA established a network of Area Agencies on Aging to provide local expertise and community-based services that support independent aging. Heritage operated as a department of Kirkwood Community College for nearly 50 years before transitioning to a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2019.



Now, Heritage AAA provides older adults (ages 60+) with the resources and support they need to age with dignity and independence in the home they choose. From basic information services to years-long case management, Heritage is a one-stop shop at any point in the aging journey.  They serve as the Iowa City area’s Aging & Disability Resource Center. Uniquely, Heritage’s services are consumer-driven, meaning their clients are in charge of their own aging journey.

“Our role is to provide the roadmaps while consumers make informed decisions about how and where they’ll age.”

Many are surprised to find out that Heritage services are available at no cost to consumers. The team at Heritage enjoys helping their community members connect to the exact resource they need.

“The relief on a consumer’s face – that soft smile, dropped shoulders, deep exhale – when it clicks that they can get the help they need. It’s scary for a lot of consumers to face an uncertain future at an old age, making it really special to bring them peace of mind.”


Heritage AAA joined the Business Partnership to make better connections with our workforce.

“Whether its older adults themselves or employees providing care to loved ones, we want to connect with these individuals to let them know we’re ready to help when they need it.”

Heritage AAA’s vision is to make east-central Iowa the optimal place to age, by serving older adults and supporting caregivers.


Connect with Heritage Area Agency on Aging

Visit their website and follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Aging & Disability Resource Center


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