Partner Spotlight – Evolve Alcohol Recovery & Suicide Prevention

Posted September 14, 2022
Evolve Alcohol Recovery & Suicide Prevention coaching

Owner: Rachel Barnhart
Location: 420 Fox Run  North Liberty, Iowa

Evolve Alcohol Recovery & Suicide Prevention

Rachel Barnhart is a coach and public advocate, educating our community on the issues of addiction, mental illness, and suicide ideation. Through Evolve Alcohol Recovery & Suicide Prevention, she builds a network of organizations, peers, health care professionals, and universities. Rachel joined the Business Partnership to extend this network to our business community. Their goal is to crush the stigma surrounding these conditions and break down misperceptions.

“My mission is to educate the public and our policymakers to view addiction and mental illness as a public health crisis and not as a choice or a moral failing.”
-Rachel Barnhart


Through coaching, Rachel also supports individuals in recovery (especially right after treatment). Together, they create the tools, structure, and support needed to establish a solid foundation in recovery. She offers 1:1 or group coaching.

“I am inspired by helping others move away from the life that got them addicted and into the life they were meant to live. If you are struggling with alcohol, depression, anxiety or suicidal ideation – it is 100% possible to turn it all around and create an amazing life.”
-Rachel Barnhart

Rachel is uniquely qualified to advocate for people who suffer from these medical conditions due to her own lived experience. Her story is one of depression, anxiety, chronic pain, trauma, and addiction to alcohol. She has overcome and managed these conditions. Now, her recovery story defies the stigma.


Connect with Rachel at Evolve Alcohol Recovery & Suicide Prevention

Visit their website and Facebook page or connect with Rachel on LinkedIn.

Evolve Alcohol Recovery & Suicide Prevention coaching


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