The Business Case for Community Development

Posted January 17, 2024
Community Development in the greater iowa city area

In the realm of economic development and business support, Greater Iowa City, Inc. (Greater IC) is at the forefront of weaving the threads of both economic and community development together. Community Development is an important tool in the toolkit we use every day. It’s about creating a comprehensive environment where residents and businesses – whether in Swisher, Iowa City, North Liberty, Coralville, Tiffin, or Lone Tree – can truly thrive. It’s a holistic approach to making our cities not just places to reside, but places to genuinely flourish.


Why does community development hold such importance for us in this work? Why should we continue to invest in Community Development? Simply put, we believe that true economic prosperity is a collective effort. In order for businesses across our region to thrive, we need a community that’s thriving too.

  1. Attracting Businesses: Beyond numbers, businesses seek places to locate where their employees can lead fulfilling lives – with quality education, healthcare, and a supportive community. Community Development makes Johnson County an attractive hub for businesses.
  2. Talent Attraction and Retention: A vibrant community in Johnson County is a magnet for talented individuals. By investing in education, arts, and recreation – we ensure a pool of exceptional talent and consumers for our local businesses, fostering long-term economic sustainability.
  3. Shared Infrastructure: Beyond convenience, multimodal transit options and reliable utilities are essentials for businesses to operate smoothly. Collaborative efforts on essential infrastructure improvements create an environment that reassures businesses. It lets them know that we got their back and are here to support their success.
  4. Collaborative Opportunities: Johnson County has a unique spirit of collaboration. This is more evident than ever with our powerful community collaboration that continues to thrive and grow though Better Together 2030. Partnering with businesses on events and shared resources isn’t just strategic; it’s a powerful move that cultivates a dynamic business community.


Greater Iowa City, Inc.’s Commitment to Our Community: Beyond Business as Usual

For Greater IC, community development isn’t an ancillary initiative. It resides at the core of everything we undertake in Johnson County. We recognize that businesses and communities are not separate entities but interconnected facets of a thriving region.


By actively participating in community development tailored to Johnson County, we position ourselves as catalysts for positive change. We are not your typical economic development organization. We are a team that understands businesses thrive when communities are flourishing. This is why we’re invested in Better Together 2030 with our community partners and municipalities. It takes all of us.


Our commitment to community development is akin to planting seeds for a bright future in Johnson County. As we nurture our communities, we’re paving the way for economic growth and resiliency. We will continue connecting the threads to weave a story of community and economic development for a Johnson County that is prosperous, resilient, and remarkable.