Promote & Incentivize Business Growth

Posted December 13, 2021

Businesses from all industries have been impacted by COVID-19 and continue to need long term support to recover. Small businesses contribute significantly to local economies and identities, and innovative solutions and resources are needed to support their ongoing recovery. Tax structures must lead to economic growth and job creation, further simplification, predictability, and promote fairness and fiscal responsibility. Ongoing review and analysis of agency rules and regulations is essential to promote a business environment that fosters the entrepreneurial mindset and works to grow our regional economy.

Additionally, economic development incentives have been successfully leveraged to grow our economy and allow us to remain competitive. These incentives must be protected to continue to encourage capital investment and entrepreneurship and create jobs in Iowa. We must also expand access to affordable, high-quality and transparent health care services that don’t over burden employers with costly regulations that prohibit their ability to grow.

Policy Solutions Federal Policy State Policy
Protect and expand state and local economic development incentives that demonstrate a positive return on investment and work to further innovation, workforce, and development in both rural and urban areas. For Iowa to remain competitive, we must honor the incentive commitments made to companies. *
Support simplification, fairness and innovation in the tax code to retain and encourage business and entrepreneurial growth and attract new businesses, investments and workers.
Support policies that ensure a sustainable, reliable, safe and predictable supply chain of products.
Support tax and regulatory policies that encourage capital investment and global competitiveness and allow for new industries to emerge.
Support policies that lead to a more affordable and flexible health care system for employers and employees, lessen the burden on small business owners, and increase transparency, access to unbiased information, and accountability for brokers.
Support new payment delivery models and access to capital that allow for innovation within the health care system, including long-term care facilities, and give our health care providers the flexibility to deliver care in new ways.
Allow local governments and businesses the authority to address issues unique to their communities and employees.
Support reforms to the Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement formulas to bring fairness and equity to the current system.
Support funding for general and commercial aviation infrastructure plans that allow Iowa businesses to compete in a global marketplace, including expanding Iowa’s sales tax exemption to aircraft parts and labor.
Support reform that provides liability protection to business and industry from frivolous lawsuits.
Support efforts that allow Iowa’s Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund to remain solvent, so businesses do not have to compensate for shortfalls.

(* Featured Priority)